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Helena Rumbi Saba - Jaivah Nouvel Exposé African DanceWelcome to the home of
Jaivah Nouvel ExposÉ
African Dance Troupe -
Helena, Rumbi & Saba

Saba, Rumbi and Helena form ... Jaivah ...aka... Nouvel Exposé Dance Troupe ... a dance company specializing in traditional and contemporary dance from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Southern Africa and Egypt. Honoring tradition and innovation equally, we pair our original choreography with the freshest beats from the top of today’s African music and live instruments on occasion.

Eskesta, Gurage, Tigrigna, Oromo, Walaita — these are some of the Ethiopian traditions we showcase. They are partnered onstage by contemporary dance styles hailing from the Congo region: Soukous, N’dombolo, Rumba as well as Ivorian-Congolese Coupé-Decalé. Egyptian Bellydance, Hip Hop and South African Kwaito form important aspects of our repertoire.



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Contact Us:, 647.833.0752



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upcoming appearances

9th Annual Fundraiser for People to People Aid Organization

People to People Aid Organization (Canada) (P2P Canada) would like to invite you to our 9th Annual Fundraising Dinner. This event will be filled with fantastic entertainment including Jaivah Nouvel Exposé, Ethiopian cuisine dinner, and our featured Keynote Speaker, Richard Elliott, Executive Director of Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

The theme for this year's dinner: “One Child At A Time" to raising funds for P2P's Orphan Sponsorship Program. This program provides assistance to children in Ethiopia and to bring the plight of HIV/AIDS orphans to the attention of governments, organizations active in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the Canadian public at large. To learn more about the "Orphan Sponsorship Program" please visit:

Amazing door and raffle prizes including
* Dinner-for-2 at the 360 RESTAURANT (CN TOWER)
* Dinner-for-2 at the RENDEZ-VOUS RESTAURANT (Ethiopian Cuisine)
* Round-trip Airfare to ETHIOPIA* courtesy of ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES
* 42" Samsung Plasma Flat Screen HD Television
... and more...

Date: Saturday, November 28, 2009
Location: Estonian House, 958 Broadview Avenue (North of Danforth Ave.)
Cocktails: 7:00pm - Dinner: 8:00pm
Tickets: $60 each or $500 for a table of 10
Purchase: Phone - P2P Office, 416-690-8005, In Person - P2P Office, 104 Cedervale Ave, Toronto or online -

saba @ layali arabesque - DEC 4

Saba Bellydance at Layali Myth - Naz Tana Jaivah Nouvel ExposeEvery Friday night belly dancers from the Arabesque Dance Company perform to the live accompaniment of the breathtaking Arabesque Orchestra. The dancing is hot. It’s also an opportunity to hear Arabic music performed by some of the finest musicians around. Artists include Bassam Bishara on lead Vocals and Oude, Walid Najjar on Keyboard, Eddy Suleiman Violin, Khaled Maotassem back up Vocals, Suleiman Warwar Dumbek, Milad Daher Riq and Katim, George Barbas Dohola and Sebastian Gatto Katim.

Date : Friday December 4, 2009
: Myth, 417 Danforth at Chester, Toronto
Table Reservation: 416.461.8383
Info: Facebook Group,





Africa Meets First Nations with Choclo y la origa cosmica

David West Saba Dance Jaivah Nouvel Expose

Batuki Music Society created the concept of “Africa Meets First Nations” to connect African musicians and First Nations groups, especially areas which have a strong heritage of African culture. This second edition of the project features the music of Ecuador in South America. Ecuadorian music is greatly influenced by African rhythms, Spanish, traditional Andean and indigenous music. Just as in Africa, traditional music plays a large role in Ecuadorian ceremonies such as; funerals, weddings, harvests, etc., this is particularly prevalent in the province of Esmeraldas located on the northern coast of the Pacific and el Valle del Chota in the northern Andes of Imbabura.

Dave West known as the Ecuadorian Blues Man is a versatile musician who plays a variety of stringed instruments including guitar, fretless guitar, nylon string Tumak harp-guitar, mishki-mandolin and fretless Tumak harp guitar with arco. His musical styles include elements of flamenco, jazz, soukous, Ecuadorian San Juanito, Andarele, Bomba, Delta and Detroit blues. Dave West has played alongside music and jazz luminaries such as; Sonny Bradshaw and Myrna Hague, Pee-Wee Ellis, Salome Bay, Jackie Richardson, Toronto to Jamaica, just to name a few. He has also opened for Jamaica’s reggae great Burning Spear, Toumani Diabaté, Los Van Van, and others. Dave West’s latest cd entitled ‘Choclo y la Orgía Cósmica, is also the group’s name, a tribute to his Ecuadorian roots.

This performance will feature Dave West’s Ecuadorian rhythms that include Afro, Indigenous, and Mestizo and traditional sounds from the Sudan and Ghana. His band mates are professional musicians that hail from Ghana, Sudan, Germany, Uganda and Ecuador. Waleed Abdulhamid, a multi-instrumentalist who plays Afro Jazz, funk and traditional African music will complement the band by playing the marimba, a traditional African instrument brought by the slaves to Ecuador which has not changed much. The marimba is not just a link between these two cultures but a continuation of the rich African heritage which has taken hold in the province of Esmeraldas and Santo Domingo de los Tsachila. Walter Maclean who excels in several percussion instruments will provide the rhythms of the West African coast, Ian De Souza from Uganda on bass, Mauricio Estevez from Ecuador on guitar, kena and vocals and Emily Adler of Toronto on vocals. The performances will also include poet and playwright Kwame Stephens, choreographer Saba Alemayehu of Jaivah and Arabesque Dance Company.

This is a one time concert in the series “Africa Meets First Nations” please visit or for upcoming events.

Date: Sunday December 6, 2009.
Venue: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West
Dinner reservations for guaranteed seating: 416 588 0307.
Time: Doors 7 pm. Show 8 pm.
Tickets: $15
Purchase: Soundscapes (572 College Street), African Drums & Art Crafts (618 Dundas Street West), New Bilan Restaurant (183 Dundas Street East).

Batuki Music Society gratefully acknowledges the support of Ontario Arts Council and CCI.

What's New

Saba featured on as Ethiopian Artist of the Month. Visit

classes & workshops

african Dance WORKSHOPS

We can set up group classes and workshops are available for any of these events:

Contact us at for bookings and info. Dance styles can include Ethiopian, Congolese, Belly Dance and Fusion.

Ethiopian Dance: Being one of the oldest civilizations of Africa, Ethiopia is a land of many cultures which give its music and dances much richness. Whether depicting every day life, telling the people's story, or celebrating major events, the dances of Ethiopia are sheer expressions of joy in intense isolations and rhytms. In these classes, you will learn movements from Amharic Eskesta, Oromo, Gurage, Tigrigna, Wolayta and other styles.

Congolese Dance: Soukous music and dance is originally from Congo region of Africa. It was born as an interplay between Congolese, West African and Latin rhythms. Having had African source, Latin rhythms were familiar to the Congolese. The word Soukous often refers to the many genres within. Soukous dance is an intoxicating mix of Congolese traditional dances as well as urban creations. Focusing on isolations, this dance is playful in layering hip movement with movement in the rest of the body. Soukous has had influences on most music in Africa.

Kwaito: Hailing from South Africa, Kwaito is a way of enjoying House music with African flavor. Learn to dance to Kwaito .... and basically any House music... the African way.

Belly Dance: Currently gaining popularity because of appearances in mainstream entertainment including the likes of Shakira and Beyoncé, Belly Dance is an art that's been performed among women in North Africa and the Middle East for centuries. Also called Raqs Sharqi or Oriental Dance, Belly Dance allows you express your grace, sensuality and feminity and become the music through your body.

AFROFUSION: AfroFusion is basically open to imagination. Taking from African, Belly Dance and Hip Hop dance styles, this is a style open to inspiration and interpretation while being fun and expressive. Some background in one, two or all three styles would help.

belly dance classes and workshops @ Arabesque

Bellydance Arabesque - Jaivah Nouvel Exposé African DanceArabesque Academy attracts serious students from around the globe to study at its warm and bustling downtown Toronto studios. Arabesque is world renowned for its in-depth, standardized curriculum featuring authentic and traditional Middle Eastern dance and music. It is the home of Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra and the host of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada and as such has a global reputation for elevating Bellydance to the status of High Art and receivng numerous awards from all levels of arts councils. Enjoy the oldest rites of womanhood; work, tone, and isolate muscles; express innate femininity and sensuality with Yasmina Ramzy, Saba, Melissa Gamal, Laura Selenzi, Marilou Calce, Sarah Brawley, Nikki Gentles, and guest artists.

Dates: Sunday - Thursday
Venue: Arabesque Academy, 1 Gloucester St, 2 Blocks North of Wellesley at Yonge, Toronto
Info & Registration: 416.920.5593,,

Classes with Rumbi - Jaivah Nouvel Exposé African Dance Afrofusionbelly dance fusion classes with saba @ Arabesque

This fun class is based on Belly Dance but will have inspirations from Hip Hop, African, and Reggae. These various dance styles come together to make some exciting movement from contrasting the sensual and the strong, the soft and the sharp. Class will be based on technique as well as small combinations / choreographies that will work your memory. Bring dance or running shoes whenever possible. The Arabesque Foundation class is a prerequisite but at least Beginner I is recommended.

Dates: Every Tuesday
Time: 7 PM Level 1, 8:15 PM Level 2
Place: Arabesque Academy, 1 Gloucester St, 2 Blocks North of Wellesley at Yonge, Toronto
Info & Registration: 416.920.5593,,





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